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White Dog told some braves to go out and scout
around for a buffalo and bring back Its head. It
was early afternoon. The men were gone for
several hours, but when they returned they said
that they could find no buffalo. The buffalo was
fast disappearing from the plains then, and It was
only when in the north that one could be found
at all

White Dog received this news with no apparent
sign of worry. He said he would have a nap in
his teepee. But he was not in there long* He
came out a little while afterwards and said that he
had had a dream. He said: 'You braves follow
this river up for a distance of "six buffalo arrows"
(about one mile) and then cross the river and
climb over a butte which you will find on the
other side. When you come up on top of the
butte you will see an antelope grazing in the dis-
tance. It will be getting dark, Crawl as close
as you can to this antelope, and then look sharply
and you will see a lone buffalo grazing "two
buffalo arrows" away. Work your way toward
this buffalo under cover of the antelope, gradually
driving it toward the buffalo; and then when you
are close enough, kill the buffalo/

The braves went out, and they returned after
dark with a dripping buffalo head swinging on a
long pole over their shoulders.

A huge bonfire was built in the centre of the
81                        *